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Sangrur farmers go in for organic farming

Sangrur farmers go in for organic farming


Our Correspondent

Sangrur, May 2

With demand for organic crops and vegetables seeing an upward trend, farmers are also showing interest in organic farming.

In Sangrur district there are reportedly over 100 farmers involved in growing crops, vegetables and fruits through organic farming methods. In the nearby areas of Sangrur, Dhuri, Bhawanigarh and Sunam, about 30 farmers are doing organic farming. They use vermicompost, cow dung cakes, manure fertiliser, earthworm fertilizer, etc. as manure and use naturally made insecticides for spraying on crops and vegetables.

Dr AS Mann, who has been doing organic farming for the past four years on two acres at Roshanwala village, near Bhawanigarh, on Sangrur-Patiala road, said for organic farming one must be involved in dairy farming also as most of the manure was prepared from cow dung cakes, cow’s urine and ash of cow dung cakes.


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