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Town and Country Garden Tour wows visitors  

Town and Country Garden Tour wows visitors  



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A hot but delightful afternoon on Saturday as attendees travelled around the region to participating homes in the 23rd Town and Country Garden Tour, organized by St. Thomas’ Anglican Church in Belleville.

Attending ticket holders of the Town and Country Garden Tour were invited for lunch at St. Thomas’ Anglican Church.

Eight participating gardeners spread out across Belleville and the Quinte region allowed guests to wander their marvellous and beautifully crafted landscapes at their homes. While gardeners showcased their hard work and dedication to the fascinating hobby, enthusiasts of all ages travelled from home to home, expressing gratitude and positive reactions to the astonishing sights they saw.

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Karen Mouck, co-chair at St. Thomas, explained that they have a committee of about 20 members and 55 volunteers who put forward time and efforts on the garden tour event day. Members and volunteers all belong to the Canadian Federation of University Women Belleville.

“Every year, our gardens are different, said Mouch. “We try to choose eight very different gardens and make selections from both Town and Country.”

This year there were three gardens in the country and five in Belleville. “They are all very different gardens,” explained Mouch. “Some small, some big, some organic, some do vegetables, it’s amazing what people do with their gardens.”

Amazed by the number of people attending, Mouch says this year they saw a climb in first-time attendees and a sparked interest from a demographic of many younger enthusiasts. Gardening became a pastime activity for many during the pandemic, explained Mouck.

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Master gardeners of PEC attended Mike and Heather Harrison’s Garden in Carrying Place. Expert master gardeners were offering free, non-judgemental advice on gardening to those interested in taking on the gardening hobby.

Judy Christie, now a Belleville resident with her display on Dufferin Avenue, started her gardening adventure on her previous property in Port Hope. Christie has previously won a feature spot in Canadian Gardening Magazine for “Best Front Garden.”

Christie moved to Belleville and continued with her passion for landscaping her property to be one of a kind. Very proud with a smile, Christie stated, “I do all the hardscaping myself.” Christie’s favourite flowers are hydrangeas and lilacs, featured in her impressive backyard oasis.

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The Town and Country Garden Tour supports the Canadian Federation of University Women Belleville and District, which started in 1939, and in 1941 gave away its first scholarship of $15.

Last year $22,700 was raised in scholarships to be given to well-rounded students in the community.

“They want kids who have given things back in the community and taken the initiative and time to do that,” said Mouch, “It’s not all about having the highest grades. They are substantial scholarships to be received.”

Annually, scholarships have been honoured to male and female graduates proceeding directly from publicly funded secondary schools in Hastings and Prince Edward to continue post-secondary education. Scholarships range between $1,500 and $2,500 per award.

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