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December is a Busy Time in the Garden


December is a Busy Time in the Garden


Pat Neasbitt
Master Gardener

December is just an all-around busy time; however, if we get a chance to work in the yard, and we can find one of those days that isn’t too cold, too wet, or too windy, there are plenty of things to do in the garden. It still feels like fall instead of winter in southern Oklahoma. It’s supposed to be in the ’70s and sunny for the immediate forecast, so we can work outside comfortably to get caught up with gardening chores. You gotta love Oklahoma weather! The only thing that would make it better is some rain. I’m still watering annuals and pansies in containers that are blooming prolifically. I do plan to pull them up and replace them with greenery for winter; however, I just haven’t done it yet since they look so cheerful.

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