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Composting, trimming perennials, bagworm tips offered


Composting, trimming perennials, bagworm tips offered


Bagworm nests should be removed by hand at this time of the year.

Editors note: Throughout the growing season, Mike Hogan, OSU Extension Educator for Agriculture & Natural Resources in Franklin County, will answer gardening questions submitted by Dispatch readers. Send your questions to hogan.1@osu.edu.

Q: I recently started a compost pile and I am wondering if it is advisable to add grass clippings from my lawn because we have it treated for weeds and insects several times each season.

A: That is an excellent question. Although many lawn herbicides are quickly broken down by the heat generated in a well-functioning compost pile, or bind strongly to soil particles making them safe to use around plants, some chemical residue could still be present in compost. 

There is also the chance that your entire compost pile may not reach the desired temperature of 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

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